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We will help your dream be born.

About us

Welcome to the website of the «Mother and Child - IDK» clinic! Today we are one of the leading centers for the treatment of infertility in Russia. And this is natural: the professionalism of the doctors, the equipment of the best world manufacturers and more than 22 years of experience clinics provide high effectiveness and safety of treatment, attracting an increasing number of patients not only from Russia but also abroad.

Today our clinic successfully applies all existing global art methods: IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI hatching, a system of continuous monitoring of embryos Primo Vision, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), etc.

Special attention of our clinic aims to conduct programs with donor eggs, donor sperm, surrogacy.

The main goal of our work is to obtain pregnancy from the first attempt of IVF and the birth of a healthy child.

We are constantly working to improve the skills of our doctors, so our experts participate in international congresses and seminars on the problem of infertility, obstetrics and gynecology (England, France, Sweden, USA, Turkey, Spain, Germany). In order to increase the effectiveness of IVF programs we are working on the most modern equipment of world producers.

Why patients choose us?

  • Experience of our clinic, which has accumulated more than 22 years of work in the field of art and high quality medical care.
    Pregnancy rates 3rd quarter of 2014
    IVF 55%
    ICSI 51%
    IVF with donor egg 63,2%
    The total % of multiple births 10%
  • Today our clinic successfully applies all existing global art methods: IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, hatching, a system of continuous monitoring of embryos Primo Vision, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), etc.
  • High results of our work are provided by appointment thorough, detailed examination of our patients before the program, and the results of individualized Protocol.
  • The cost of treatment in our center will surprise you.
  • The current Russian legislation allows full surrogacy cycles of treatment using donor sperm, eggs, embryos. In our country practiced anonymous and non-anonymous donation.
  • Comfortable with us: "Mother and child – IDK”, you can receive a full range of services required for effective IVF treatment: obstetrics and gynecology, tests and ultrasound scans, operative gynecology and urology, techniques of narrow specialists (including General Practitioner, hematologist, embryologist, etc.)
  • The specialists of our center will help you to find accommodation and a professional translator
  • The doctors of our center speak English

IVF with donor egg

Significant advantages of the programs with donor oocytes in our clinic are:

  • The current legislation of the Russian Federation, allowing such programs. In our country donors relies solid reward for the donation, and the donation is completely confidential
  • In our clinic, an extensive directory of oocyte donors with a variety of phenotypic traits. Before a potential donor gets in the catalog, it undergoes a thorough medical examination, including genetic
  • Pregnancy rates in donor programs in our clinic more than 63%

IVF with donor sperm

  • Candidates for sperm donors undergo a thorough and detailed selection: medical and genetic screening, psychological research, quarantine. After such detailed studies candidates only 3% of the number of them become our donors
  • To select donors, we provide a directory with a general description, as well as a children's photo of the donor.
  • Our donors besides the conventional genetic testing, tested to be a heterozygous carrier 5 most frequent mutations (phenylketonuria, spinal muscular atrophy, adrenogenital syndrome, and others)
  • In our list of donor`s examination includes testing for IQ and psychological counseling.


In the world the attitude towards the use of surrogacy radically different: in some States, this method of art is widely used and is regulated on the basis of legislation, and somewhere its use involves a criminal prosecution.

The procedure of surrogacy in Russia is authorised and regulated by law . To participate in the program can as a married couple (including and not married), and single women. The maximum age of the biological parents is not limited.

The main legislative acts and normative documents regulating surrogacy in Russia are:

  • The family Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal law No. 323-FZ of November 21, 2011 "About the fundamentals of health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation";
  • Federal law No. 143-FZ of November 15, 1997 "On acts of civil status;
  • Order of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation dated 30.08.2012, No. n "On the use of assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications and limitations for their use".

The secrets of our success

  • Throughout the years, the main priority and the philosophy of our medical company was and continues to be, the QUALITY of MEDICAL CARE. Indicators of quality of protection in the system of evaluation and motivation of medical staff and all the clinic as a whole.
  • We are looking for worldwide best practice and applied in Samara all possible for us technology to get the long-awaited pregnancy and birth of a healthy child.
  • We are developing a team of doctors and nurses all departments.
  • We create a relationship of cooperation and partnership in working with patients.
  • We embody the concept of clinical governance and improving the quality of medical care in life.
  • This is reflected in the following characteristics:
    • The medical care offers the method that will give the best result.
    • The all medical activities must be safe for the patient.
    • The medical care is based on respect for the patient, is solely in the interests of the patient and for his benefit.
    • The medical assistance is implemented on time and within the shortest time.
    • The medical care is delivered at the lowest cost and losses with the best results.
    • The quality and quantity of aid is the same for all.

The quality of medical care is very closely connected with the attitude that we show to our profession, patients and colleagues. This relationship is difficult to describe with words, sometimes it is necessary to feel and just be. With this attitude we come into the profession, it defines our commitment to the eternal human values and based on clear ethical principles.

The basic principles of operation of the infertility Center

  • We aim maximum efforts to get pregnant the first time.
  • Before entering into the program, we conduct a thorough examination of the pair in order to identify the exact causes of infertility and the woman's ability to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.
  • All medical manipulations we prescribe only on the testimony.
  • The patient is selected and is assigned an individual treatment Protocol.
  • The couple receives - mobile communication with your doctor, as well as continuous monitoring appointments fixed nurses.
  • Individual treatment Protocol must be agreed and monitories consultation.
  • Each missed pregnancy is analyzed by the Council for reasons of non-pregnancy and recommending changes to the Protocol in the following program.
  • Division of research and analysis aimed at finding patterns and methods that increase the probability of getting pregnant
  • In case of any complications, the patient received treatment free both outpatient and inpatient.
  • Once a quarter in the division are medical reports, which are reported the achieved results, analyses and studies, exhibited tasks for the next quarter, year.
  • The unit is encouraged and created conditions for the professional development of physician-reproduction and embryology, organized visits of Russian and international conferences, symposia, workshops.

The complexity of our patients

Everyone knows that the most important pillars of the success of the IVF program are the woman's age and ovarian reserve. But not all patients have these conditions, which reduces their chance of pregnancy. In our center have extensive experience working with complex patients with a history of:

  • not one unsuccessful IVF program for various reasons
  • senior reproductive age women older than 38 years
  • low ovarian reserve (after surgery on the ovaries)
  • severe male factor infertility (single sperm in the ejaculate or the lack of it)

Components of our success is a great experience, joint management couple gynecologist (reproductologist), andrologist and embryologist.

An integrated approach to management allows couples to get pregnant in severe clinical cases.

Call Now:

+7-987-959-27-29 Dr. Korchagin Anton, e-mail: a.korchagin@mc-idk.ru +7-987-958-88-92 Dr. Sinitsyna Anastasia, e-mail: a.sinicina@mc-idk.ru
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